Office Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION & PURPOSE: Your vital role is to provide exceptional service to all those who work for or visit our Company by “wowing” them with enthusiasm, knowledge of the Company, and a customer service minded attitude. You will often be the first person someone sees when they walk in the door, so a friendly and professional “can do” attitude and mindset is important. You will facilitate office tours for our event spaces and help secure contracts and logistics for clients that are booking those spaces for events. Additionally you will serve as an extension of and work alongside our Marketing and Creative team to maintain our brand presentation of our facility – ensuring that it’s always at a state of representing our Company and brand well – and supporting them with superior communication, organization, and administrative skills.


  • Be a co-champion and representative of the company's culture, mission, vision and core-values.

  • Greet all guests who walk through the doors of our Company with enthusiasm and customer service minded attitude;

  • Display professionalism and enthusiasm when interacting with all customers, guests, and team members by ‘wowing’ them with exceptional service;  

  • Oversee and maintain the office’s brand and presentation through organization and cleanliness including turning on/off lights and TV, reminding staff of cleanliness in kitchen, coffee bar, refrigerator, office space, etc.;

  • Answer and return any phone calls to our main office line;

  • Responsible for being a liaison between the building contact for cleaning & maintenance needs;

  • Research market trends for event space pricing;

  • Curate content for event space marketing.

  • Tracking inventory, maintaining, and purchasing for: office supplies, coffee and beverage supplies (including the tap), staff/crew/client gifts;

  • Manage facility bookings for contracted events in LabeLive spaces, including the hiring of event technicians or staff required, the set up and tear down of a space, tours of the spaces, day of coordination for the client, etc.

  • Overseeing and managing the scheduling and use of meeting rooms by guests, clients, employees, etc.

  • Improve and maintain logistical systems, processes and policies in support of Company’s mission. Specifically, support better reporting, communication, and systems that support the best outcome for our customers/guests.

  • Provide administrative support for the company including: note taking during staff meeting, day-to-day scanning of invoices to accounting, overseeing special event and staff celebration planning, and other communication as needed;

  • Overseeing technical equipment for The Cube and Showcase by handling any additional setting up and testing equipment before events, and tearing down or resetting to neutral after events as needed.

  • Occasionally is the representative for events/productions in The Cube and Showcase.

  • Oversee & coordinate the schedule of all LL spaces representatives & ensure they are trained in technical aspects before running an event. 

  • Be an advocate of technical improvements for the spaces as necessary. 


  • 1-2+ years as an Event planner or Marketing experience, required.

  • Experience as an Audio Technician or good working understanding of Audio for troubleshooting or running audio, required.

  • Proven experience in customer service and “wowing” clients/guests.

  • Exceptional skills in organization, efficiency, logistics, scheduling and coordinating skills.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Basic knowledge of social media platforms.

  • Other important skills: Self-Confidence, Project Management, Inventory Control, Purchasing and Budget Management, Attention to detail, and Multi-tasking.

  • Enthusiasm for the job and company.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and PowerPoint, and Google Drive Suites.

COMPUTER SKILLS: Must have knowledge of Internet software; Email; Apple Operating Systems; Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, Instagram, Facebook, and general social media experience. Possess the ability to learn any other software deemed necessary for the job.

REFERENCES: Must be able to provide references upon request.

Job Title: Office Manager
Working Days: M-F, 8:30-5:30 PM, after hours required for events.
Status: Full Time, Hourly, Non-Exempt